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Surf & SUP lessons in Tel-Aviv

Group lessons and private

Our surf  & SUP lessons in tel aviv are designed for one-on-one interaction by our experienced instructors who are trained to cater to the needs and abilities of each student ranging from all levels and ages. By learning through private instruction, those in the search for scheduling based on your availability and or tailored instruction through a step-by-step approach for skill development, Surf Station is the ideal choice for you.

The excitement of learning to surf begins from the moment you hit the beach with instruction of proper pop up technique, to guidance on how to read waves, sets and the sea. Our team at Surf Station is motivated in teaching all students through tailored guidance to every student depending on their experience and previous insight of the sport.

Surfboard & SUP rental in Tel-Aviv

While surfing requires a complex range of physical exercise, perseverance and an education for patience, the appropriate tools are necessary in order to best practice proper safety and the ability to ride the perfect waves.

At Surf Station a variety of boards such as soft tops, NSPs and SUPs are available for rent depending on your skills and the size of the waves. Additionally, we offer wetsuits and any other equipment needed in order to best keep you covered during your time on the sea. Whether you are a native Israeli or visiting from out of town, our team is determined to deliver you the highest quality and maintained equipment to ease your experience in surfing the Mediterranean.

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